Новый процесс локализации Apache OpenOffice

Автор Yakov, 22 октября 2012, 17:14

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Представлен проект нового процесса локализации Apache OpenOffice:
Который обсуждается в рассылке  ooo-dev на incubator.apache.org


Годный проект, особенно в части оффлайн локализации, имхо.
Автору на яд. Поддержать форум.


Apache обновили план локализации

   Jan Iversen написал новую утилиту для локализации (во вложении):
I have finished the control part of the new localization tool, and before I walk further down the line (writing/converting all the translations parts) I would like to have checked if the code is ok in terms of standard, readability and expectations (from other C++ programmers).

I hope one of the C++ programmers, can have a quick look at the code and tell me:
- Are the code written in accordance with the AOO standards (I think so)
- Is it in general in accordance with the AOO writing style.

Of course, I would very much like to hear if there are non-efficient / malicious code in there, but please remember this is only the control skeleton, so there are a lot of code missing.

I try to include a zip file with this mail, should I not succeed, then please respond to the mail and I will sent it directly.

MANY Thanks in advance for the help.

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